HG Building Group have been designing and building energy efficient homes long before it became mandatory.

A FIRST Home buyer and previous Home Owners have, to a varying degree, the same desire: an individually designed Home.

Is it achievable: YES, by tailoring the design to the individual Need and Budget.

How: The HG Building Group Design Team works closely with the HG Building Group Construction Team. Their combined effort produces a design that meets both the aspirations of the Client and their budget.
The HG Building Group Architectural Design Team considers factors like:
  • Tailoring existing designs to reduce documentation costs
  • Orientation (the effect the Sun has on the block of land)
  • Slope of the land, if any
  • Individual requirements
  • More affordable alternatives and equally effective means of achieving energy efficiency. For example: using a light weight alternative to a suspended concrete slab.
  • Budget.
The HG Building Group Structural Design Team considers factors like:
  • Cost effective foundation designs to provide a strong foundation without un-necessary costs;
  • Cost effective design of the supporting framework
  • Less expensive alternatives to achieve the design intent.
The teams work closely together to achieve a sound, functional and energy efficient building that looks and feels like your Dream Home while ensuring that your home is built to your BUDGET.

However, this also means the Budget controls:
  • The increased choice of fittings, appliances, bench-tops, etc.
  • The added comfort features; and
  • The overall increase in value of your home.
But, as many of you know, this must always be in keeping with the value of similar properties in your area.

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